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This data is used to help homebuyers and sellers find the best estate agents across the country. With a comprehensive directory that currently contains more than 98 entries, it is easy to find them in Centerville, OH. OH, updated every 15 minutes, this 1,561-acre lake community is being offered for sale by Lakengren Real Estate, one of the largest real estate agents in Ohio. Learn more about the $139,900 price list for a two-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom house on Lake Erie, and leave a comment with your new "Lakengen" and browse all the amenities! Find a great home for $140,000 or a home for $138,500 with a 2-bedroom, 3-bath lakeside home that you will find at the top of this list, which is listed at $139,900. Leave a comment on this great "new" lake!

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Kentucky Lake offers homes at many prices and has an average list price of $340,000. More than 100 of Ohio's most popular lakes are featured on this page, including several seaside homes and properties for sale.

If you are ready to start living by the lake, call us and take a look at the website, which has a list price of $1.5 million for a one, two or two bedroom bathroom. While the property market in West Chester is just over an hour away, there are other property markets comparable to those in this affluent suburb. Potential homeowners can easily imagine a new home in Centerville, Ohio. Take advantage of nearby economic opportunities and local attractions and you'll be taken to a site that has an average price of just under $2,300.

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Our filtering results are based on Centerville homes for sale and rental properties, with a focus on the city of Springboro and its population of about 1,000 people.

Look at the foreclosures of condos in Ohio's MLS in Eaton, which include a number of homes for sale in the city of Eaton and a handful of other neighborhoods. Learn more about how to buy a foreclosure in Lake Lakengren and what could be included in our list of the top 10 foreclosure properties in Springboro and the rest of Ohio.

More About Springboro

More About Springboro